About the Project

Baltimore Delhi Creative Exchange is a collaborative endeavor of the Delhi-based NGO, Kid Powered Media, and a public charter school in Baltimore, ConneXions: A Community Based Arts School. Moira Fratantuono traveled to Delhi for an artist residency in Spring, 2013, where she encountered several arts-based non-profits. Despite their vast geographic and cultural differences, she recognized the potential value of connecting students from the two cities.  Upon returning, she identified educators in Baltimore (Christine Stiver) and Delhi (Jessie Hodges) interested in participating in an ongoing project; planning began in late summer 2013, and implementation of the first stage commenced in  early winter the same year.

BDC Exchange offers young people an opportunity to communicate their individual and collective identities, move past preconceived notions of one another, and look beyond cultural, linguistic, religious or ethnic differences to find commonality in their shared experiences as urban youth.

In the initial stage, students will create drawings and photographs for in-class/program assignments and periodically share their work through this blog.  Teachers and facilitators may accompany uploaded images with explanatory text or accounts of student reactions, group progress on specific assignments, etc.

We hope this educational experiment may become a model for media-based international artistic exchange.


-Moira Fratantuono, Christine Stiver (CX), Jessie Hodges (KPM)

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