About the Organizations

ConneXions: A Community Based Arts School

At ConneXions, a Baltimore City Public School, students in grades 6-12 experience a rigorous academic and visual/performing arts curriculum in a culturally relevant, safe, and respectful learning environment. ConneXions’ staff commits to working collaboratively and creatively towards a student-centered pedagogy that embraces the whole child and transforms students into artist scholars who excel in both academic and arts disciplines. Artist scholars will emerge into the global community with cultural awareness, a community-centered perspective, and the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently succeed and compete in college, work, and life in the 21st century.

Our mission is to cultivate academic and artistic excellence, cultural identity, and community awareness in our students.

Please visit http://www.csfta.org for more information!


Kid Powered Media

Kid Powered Media is a Delhi-based NGO working with economically disadvantaged youth to explore and create educational media about issues they face in their lives. As an organization we lie at the intersection of design, storytelling, creative arts, and technology – bringing them all together to give kids the tools, confidence and voice they need to inspire others to make communities a better place to live. We put our children at the center of everything we do – they become the storytellers, actors, directors, writer and campaigners about the social issues they choose. We believe that problems faced by kids need answers made by kids – and with a platform to express themselves creatively, kids can be the change-makers in the communities where they live!

Visit our (temporary) website at: http://www.kidpoweredmedia.com

And follow us on our frequently updated Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/kidpoweredmedia

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